Welcome to Discovery Labs

We are a specialty biotechnology company focused on advancing a new standard in respiratory critical care through the development of novel technologies. At Discovery Labs, we are working to develop life saving solutions that address persisting unmet medical needs in respiratory critical care. To do this, we are focused on two primary areas of development: our proprietary KL4 surfactant technology; and our novel drug delivery technologies to deliver aerosolized respiratory medicines, including our KL4 surfactant.

Pulmonary surfactant is produced naturally in the lung and is essential for viability at birth and for normal respiratory function throughout life. In many pulmonary diseases, including respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), acute respiratory failure (ARF) and acute lung injury (ALI), surfactant is either deficient or may fail to function properly. This deficiency leads to difficulty in breathing, and in severe cases, requires respiratory support via mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit of a hospital. 42 43 92

Our precision-engineered, peptide-containing KL4 surfactant has been designed to mimic the essential function of human pulmonary surfactant. Our KL4 surfactant technology performs many of the functions of normally occurring surfactant and remains active under a variety of conditions. 1 7 12 15

This technology was initially developed at The Scripps Research Institute and further developed at Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, a Johnson & Johnson (J&J) company. Discovery Labs holds an exclusive, worldwide license for this technology from J&J and Scripps. We have also developed proprietary delivery technologies to enable efficient, targeted upper-respiratory or alveolar delivery of our aerosolized KL4 surfactant. Furthermore, these same delivery systems may be used to deliver a variety of additional aerosolized medicines safely and in a simplified way compared with the current standard of care.

Creating life saving medicines for patients with respiratory disease is only part of the solution when attempting to ensure patients are getting the best possible care. Currently, the delivery of inhaled medicines to critical care patients is cumbersome and inefficient, and potentially subject to suboptimal or ineffective dosing. At Discovery Labs, we are simplifying the delivery of aerosolized respiratory medications by introducing the inhaled therapy directly at the patient interface and minimizing the number of connections in the ventilator circuit. Our novel ventilator circuit / patient interface connectors have the potential to improve delivery of the intended dose and reduce possible drug wastage, thereby lowering the costs of administration.